Edward I Option 1

Conwy Castle

Conwy was built by King Edward I of England in the late 13th century in Snowdonia, northern Wales.

Baybars Option 1

Crac des Chevaliers

Crac des Chevaliers was built by an elite order of Christian warrior monks in the 12th and 13th centuries.


Henry II Option 2

Dover Castle

Dover Castle was commissioned by King Henry II in the late 12th century as a mighty fortification to guard the region of Kent

Phillip Augustus Option 2

Gaillard Castle

Chateau Gaillard was constructed by King Richard I in the late 12th century.


Featured Structure Malaga Battlement


Malaga was transformed into a military stronghold by Muslim leader Yusuf I and his successors in the 14th century.


Grand Duke of Lithuania Option 1

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle was forged by the Teutonic Knights, a powerful order of German crusaders, in the 13th century.