Marquis of Cadiz


The Marquis of Cadiz was one of the most feared soldiers of the united Spanish armies under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.  The nobleman found fame in his defence of Isabella’s line during the Castilian War of Succession.  He later led attacks on several Grenadan strongholds, inspiring his men with his zeal and ferocity.  


The Marquis bombarded Malaga’s Gibralfaro Castle in 1487 during a bloody siege led by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in their bid to finish the Reconquista.


 National Affiliation: Castile (Unified Spain)
Occupation: Marquis, Military Commander
Allies: King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella
Enemies: Hamet el-Zegri
Castles: Gibralfaro Castle
Personality: Pious, Bloodthirsty, Unyielding